Local SEO Tips For 2019

The Best Local Business SEO Tips For 2019

The Google Algorithm has been tweaked several times when showing local business results. That’s the reason why there have been many new local SEO strategies popping up. If you want to get your business listed on the search engine results, here are some of the best local SEO tricks for 2019 you should try out.

1. Claim Your Business Listings

With time, a business listing will be created for you and they might accumulate after a while. Therefore, you need to claim your business listings and remove the duplicates. Make sure the information present in the listing is updated and accurate. You might have a hard time tracking all the listings but you can take advantage of various tools online for the best results.

2. Add Location Pages To Your Site

Search engines are regularly crawling on your site so they can find the best matches to provide results on the search engine results. Make sure you have a unique landing site for each of location of your business. That way, the search engines have an easy way of locating your listing and providing the internet users with the best location information.

Make sure the location information has the updated and accurate data such as the street, suite numbers, road or avenue. Depending on how you write down the location information, you will do the same for every other location mention of your business online. Make sure all the information is similar to avoid confusing your potential customers.

3. Consistent Information

If you want the search engines to provide internet users with accurate information, make sure it is consistent everywhere. For instance, the business name, phone number or address information should be similar all across the internet. You need to be vigilant about it because it’s not just about writing your business name and address.

Note that, if there’s an LLC to your business or Inc, these abbreviations should be included. Consistency is key to providing your potential customers with the correct address. You can use various tools available online to provide uniform information on the internet upon every mention of your business.

4. Update Your ‘Google My Business’ Information

Note that, potential customers are relying on your business listing to get the correct information about your business. Therefore, your local SEO efforts need to make it very easy to find your information and identify it. Log in to your ‘Google My Business’ account and provide the correct information about your business name, phone number, and address. Provide a brief text about the business as well as a link to your official business website. Don’t forget to include your hours of operation.

Make sure that your listing is appealing. For instance, the logo should have the profile picture/avatar that links to your business. Update the interior and exterior photos of your business as well as the photos of your products. They should be high-quality images. Stay away from blurry and pixilated images that make your listing look unprofessional and sloppy.

5. Business Reviews

Your business reviews are integral for your local SEO strategy. They will make your listing stand out from the rest and customers will know more about your service to the existing customers. You should find a way to entice your current customers to leave a Google review. It should be a thank you note for the positive experience they have had. A good example of this is how goforgoldseo.com leverages they’re happy clients to get more testimonials for their work.

Note that, good reviews will help with your ranking factor. On the other hand, you will take up more space on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Your listing will be unique and more people are likely to click on it rather than those without reviews.

6. Exceptional Content

If you want your business page to stand out, you need to create the best content. If you’re selling products, you need to provide the best product descriptions about them. If you’re offering a service, you need to provide the best content about it. Make sure your customers know what you’re offering. There are a few rules about writing good content that you should follow.

For instance, make sure your content is updated immediately you’re offering a new product or seasonal products. Customers don’t want to go through long blurbs of texts that might be boring. Rather, add a few images that might spice up your content. If possible, make sure that each product has its own page and is optimized thoroughly for the best rankings.

7. Keywords

If you want your pages to rank on the SERPs, you need to take advantage of the right keywords. You need to use keywords that mention the city for better ranking on global and local SEO. Make sure the keywords also mention the products or services you are offering. Note that, the search engines are much more in favor of long tail phrases, so take advantage of them for the best ranking results.

8. Link Building

Now here is the trick about link building, you need to make sure that you’re doing so from authoritative sites. Yes, you’re allowed to link to as many sites as you want but in some cases, it might appear spammy. Therefore, you need to choose the right sites for the most link building success. Make sure they are organic links and avoid buying links. You can contact authoritative sites in your niche for the best links.

In conclusion, local SEO is improving and you need to update your strategies to make sure you’re ranking as high as possible on the search engine results.

The World of Responsive Search

In a world where Search Engines have taken over the world, we want to start shedding some light on how this dynamic works for the rest of us. Taking over the world? Isn’t that going a bit too far?


But think about it this way – not many people would argue against the internet being at the heart of modern society these days. Most people can’t get through the day withouth logging on a time or two for various reasons. In fact, the weekly average for Americans is 24 hrs. Meaning, we spend 1 out of 7 days online.

Crazy, right?

A natural progression from this is that: since the internet is navigated through Search Engines, Search Engines have nearly as much of a hold over our daily lives as the general internet does. Which is something that we here at DRU want people to both understand and take advante of.